Heat resistance tester

Untuk menguji ketahana isolasi pin terhadap panas yang tidak normal.

Model : PS-003
Suplai daya : AC 220V, 50Hz
Kategori : Alat uji tusuk kontak
Dimensi(mm) : 400 x 400 x 400
Berat (Kg) : 20 ~ 25 Kg
Produk/sample uji : Pin isolasi, steker, plug, dll
Sesuai standar : SNI IEC 60884-1 gambar 40

To determine testing resistance to abnormal heat of insulating sleeves of plug pins, in according to IEC 60884-1 figure 40, This test apparatus consists of an insulating plate A and of a metal part B: between these two parts an air space of 3 mm shall be provided and this distance shall be obtained through means which do not impair the air circulation around the pins.

Standard Outfit:
  • 1 insulating plate A, which round and flat, thick 5 mm, have a diameter equal to twice the maximum permissible dimension of the engagement face of the plug given in the relevant standard sheet, 
  • 5 metal part B, brass, length at least 20 mm, the same shape as the maximum outline of the plug according to the relevant standard sheet, 
  • 1 thermocouple, type K, is inserted at a distance of 7 mm from the front surface of the metal part B in a symmetrical position 
  • Insulation board : 5 mm thick round flat surface, diameter twice test diameter surface of the product. 
  • Metal part B (Fixture): length of more than 20 mm, Material Brass, five pieces, can be replaced. 
  • Gap between the boards of insulation and metal B : 3 mm, 
  • The distance between the metal thermocouples & B: 7 mm 
  • Metal bolt hole B : more than 0.1 mm

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