Switch and Rotary Test Apparatus

Alat Uji - Switch and Rotary Test Apparatus
Aplikasi Switch and Rotary Test Apparatus:
Untuk menguji kuat mekanis dan perilaku dalam penggunaan normal, untuk menghidupkan dan mematikan saklar untuk keperluan rumah tangga dan sejenis yang memiliki arus resistif beban hingga 16A

Model : SWA-03
Suplai daya : AC 220V, 50Hz
Kategori : Alat uji tusuk kontak
Dimensi(mm) : 600x600x1500
Berat (Kg) : Approx. 63Kg
Produk/sample uji : Switch tekan, Switch putar
Sesuai standar : SNI IEC

Electromotor is provided by 3-phase voltage 220 V that's generated by frequency electrical device (motor controller) with feed-back regulation. The controller additionally allows steplessly adjustable braking (and acceleration) that's performed every time before and when the modification of direction of the tube. this could be done to make sure uniform unwavering periodic of the tube. this is additionally restricted for the rationale of motor protection. If periodic tube strikes in obstacle throughout operation, adjustable electronic current clipper limits the torsion on the shaft of electromotor and protects the tube, the motor and therefore the obstacle (person or sample). periodic tube stops till the obstacle is removed, and at that time unremarkably continues periodic .
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