Electric Iron Drop Tester

Aplikasi: Untuk menentukan kekuatan mekanik setrika listrik dengan cara di jatuhkan secara berulang dengan ketinggian tertertu. Bidang alas jatuh berupa  pelat baja dengan ketebalan tertentu sesuai standar.

Model : DRT-1IR
Suplai daya : AC 220V, 50Hz
Kategori : Alat uji kuat mekanis
Dimensi(mm) : 600 x 400 x 820
Berat (Kg) : 45 ~ 60 Kg
Produk/sample uji : Setrika listrik
Sesuai standar : SNI IEC60335-2-3 klausul 21,101 .

Electric Iron Drop Tester:
To determine the mechanical strength of electric irons by repeated drop onto a steel plate according to IEC60335-2-3 clause 21.101. The electric iron is operated under normal operation at rated power input and, except for cordless irons, the soleplate temperature is maintained under these conditions throughout the test.
  • Steel plate with thick 15mm , 
  • Mass at least 15 kg, rigidly supported, 
  • Lifting device with radial cam for a slow lifting of the specimen for 40 mm, for a sudden release for a free fall and for a rest time on the steel plate of 15% of the test duration,
  • 20 drops per minute (adjustable),
  • With voltmeter AC 250 V, current meter 15A, fuses and socket-outlet for the specimen, for connection to AC 220V 50Hz.
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