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No Nama Alat Uji
Manual Book
1 Accessibility Probe A B SNI ISO-F19,
2 Small Parts Cylinder SNI ISO-F15, C5.2,

3 Drop Ball Impact Tester ASTM- C8.7.1, SNI ISO-C5.24.2

4 Head Compression Tester SNI ISO-C5.24.2

5 Hammer Impact Test Apparatus ASTM-
6 Flexure Tester SNI ISO-F23,ASTM-8.12, F30
7 Drop Ball Impact Tester SNI ISO-C 5.14, ASTM- 8.7.4
8 Toys Inclined Plane SNI ISO-F31, C 4.15.3, dll
9 Leak Needle Tester SNI ISO-C5,19
10 Two-pronged Claw Hook SOR-F1
10 Three-pronged Claw Hook SOR-F1
11 Hook for Tire Removal ASTM-C8.11.1,F28
12 Bite Clamp ASTM-3.1.57
13 Toys Flammability Tester (45o & 90o) SNI ISO 8124-2, EN71-2
14 Testing Rod Set SNI ISO -C4.12.2, C4.12.2, C 4.13
15 Jaw Entrapment ASTM-4.39, F25
16 Template AB SNI ISO, F16, F17
17 Template C SNI ISO, F18
18 Pacifier Test Fixture (ASTM) ASTM-4.20
19 Eye and Nose Pulling Test Fixture CPSC.C9.3.7.6, F19, F30
20 Hook Test Fixture ASTM- C8.22.2, F36
21 ASTM-Head Probe ASTM-4.14, F10,CPSC-F36
22 EN-Head Probe EN-C.29, FA.1
23 Dummy (54.5 kg) SNI ISO-F30a,C 5.27.3
24 Dummy (25.9 kg) SNI ISO-F30b,C 5.27.3
25 Dynamic Strength Tester 2 m/s SNI ISO-C5.27.3, ASTM-C8.20
26 Platform and Stabilizers (4.8 kg) SNI ISO-C5.27.3
27 Integrating Sound Level Meter SNI ISO-C 5.25, C4.28,E41
28 Hemispheric-Shape Objects Tester (6 Pcs) SNI ISO-4.5.8, E40
29 Test blocks for cords and chains EN-C 8.36, C5.4
30 Bevel Protractor SNI ISO-C 4.6.3
31 ASTM-Yo Yo tester ASTM-C8.23
32 EN-Yo yo balls measurements Tester EN-8.37, F46, F47
33 Test for closures and toys chest SNI ISO -
34 Bite tester ASTM F963, 16CFR 1500.52C
35 Static strength for toy scooter (Box Cover..) SNI ISO-C5.26, F28
36 Scooter Hand & Foot brake Tester SNI ISO-C5.28.1/2, EN-C8.26.3.2
37 Resistance to downward forces tester SNI ISO-C5.29.1, EN 8.27.1
38 Resistance to upward forces tester SNI ISO-C5.29.2, EN 8.27.2
39 Resistance to separation of handlebar SNI ISO –F33
40 Wooden Step ASTM-F26

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